Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Playlist!

What songs would be on your Easter Playlist? I enjoy making music playlists or mixes as I call them. Usually these playlists have around 10 songs. Here's
 Kevin's Easter Mix!
1)Mary Did You Know - Tim Eggebraaten
2)Behold The Wood - Dan Schutte
3)We Remember - Marty Haugen
4)Mansion Builder - Second Chapter Of Acts
5)Easter Song - Second Chapter Of Acts
6)He's Alive - Don Francisco
7) Make My Life A Prayer To You - Keith Green
8)Via Dolarosa - Sandy Patti
                                                      9)Resurrection Day - Matt Maher
                                                    10)Rise Again - Dallas Holm

                                                  What is on your Easter Playlist?
                                                  Have a Blessed Holy week and Easter!

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